Are you ready to invest in your own health and well-being? 
Experience the silky smooth, velvety feeling of our creams and lotions that women & men are already raving about.... In just two short years, the company has been bringing nourishing relief to farmer's markets, boutique stores & through this website.
Started by a nationally certified massage therapist, who is committed to using only FDA approved, certified organic ingredients found locally or harvested by hand. No parabens, sulfates or other
damaging ingredients typically used in the spa and beauty industry.Lotions literally soak into the skin because they are derived from plants and minerals, nothing synthetic.....
Certified Organic Essential Oils are blended to create the scent of the Ocean while addressing dry
skin with the healing properties of Sea Brine & Aloe.
The Ocean Relief Cream contains 8 essential oils & arnica, known to relieve inflammation caused by pain or injury. It actually detoxes the lactic acid build up that creates chronic pain in joints and muscle tissue.
The French Lavender Essential Oil is actually from Provence, and has an earthy smell that is soft, not flowery.Just to give you a little background on the magical properties of this oil, it has been has been around for centuries.
Lavender has been distilled for its oil and used in perfumes, cosmetic products, aromatherapy, ointments and tinctures,and in food processing. The ancient egyptians used this treasured herb in their mummification processes and constructed stills to extract the essential oil. The Romans routinely used lavender in perfumed oils, for bathing, for cooking and to freshen the air. Even though there have been 2500 years of recorded use, it is unsure where the plant originated from. History does show that lavender has been cultivated and grown wild in France, Spain and Italy since 600 bc. Lavender’s first recorded arrival to North America was brought by the pilgrims in 1600s, this is about the time that lavender was introduced to England on a commercial level. Over the centuries lavender has been used therapeutically in soothing baths and washes, it has been used as a calming agent, and inhaled to relieve headaches and dizziness. Lavender’s herbal lore has been validated by modern medicine – its oil has chemical compounds that have been shown to be a natural antiseptic and is effective in fighting against hyperactivity, and insomnia.
Today, lavender remains among the most versatile herbs, that is why so many of our products contain Lavender.
I will be at the Luckett's Store in Lucketts, Va on November 7,8 & 9.
 The Design House will be decorated for the Holidays.
I will have gift boxes & baskets filled with products.
French Tomato Jam, Lavender Strawberry & Raspberry Jam and more....
Gift certificates for purchasing online and some really cool old ornaments, antiques, china and lavender arrangements in french pottery. 
The Craft Show at the Christ Episcopal Church in Dover, De is on
 November 22 from 9-3pm. Come see me and mention the
 code Restore14 for 20% off your entire purchase!
My last show for the season will be at Gettysburg High School
 in Gettysburg,Pa on December 13, from 9-4pm.
For the next three months, shipping rate will be only $5.80
for any quantity of products ordered. Use your Paypal account
or credit card.                            Click here Let's Go Shopping!
All products are available at Massage Office. Be sure to call for special orders or gift wrapping.This is just a sampling of products.....
  • Lavender All-In-One Handsoap,Shower Gel or Bubble Bath
  • Lavender Healing Soap
  • Ocean All-In-One
  • Citrus Grass Body Polish
  • Ocean & Seaweed Healing Soap for skin problems(this is selling like crazy at the farmer's market!!!)
  • River Rock Men's Rough Hands Cream & Exfoliant
  • French Grey Sea Salt Foot Scrub
  • Ocean Foot Cream with Peppermint & Lemongrass
  • French Grey Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt & Lavender Buds Soak or Scrub
 Hard to believe but the holidays are just around the corner! Click here  Let's Go Shopping!
With that in mind, I will be offering specials in the next two months so keep checking the website.Because this is a cottage industry and all products are mixed in small batches by hand, please allow enough time when ordering.If I am out of something it could be a week to ship.
I will be offering free gift wrapping in earthy tones with beautiful ribbons & raffia. You can enter your wishes for your enclosed card in the box under contact us.
"Restore Your Health" Massage
Massage availability will be Mondays,Tuesdays,Wednesdays,Thursdays & Fridays,by appointment only between 9-5.
Call today to book your massage
@ 970-485-5047
Located at 395 Buford Ave., Gettysburg,Pa
On right just before Appalachian Brewery, 1 mile west of town center.
2015 Calender featuring my best lavender photographs and inspirational quotes.Supplies are limited.
Only $15, this would be a wonderful gift for anyone who is in love with lavender!