It's official. I am moving back to Colorado the end of April! The business will thrive there as will I.... My son, Bryce, is there and I have missed living in the mountains ever since I left three years ago.

I am returning to the Hot Springs to do massage and research the effects of minerals on the body. I will also be participating in the Colorado Lavender Festival in Palisade, Co. On Thursday nights from June 19th-Sept25th, I am a vendor at the Grand Junction Farmer's Market.
It is my dream to own a lavender farm and retreat in this area in the next couple of years. I will keep you posted.

The logo that you will see on every product is the black and white r and s above. The wholesale price list and product update is taking a bit longer than I expected, but  will be worth the wait so please keep checking in. I will be at the Luckett's first Flea Market April 8-10th in Lucketts,Va.
Hope to see you then! Everything will be priced to sell since I am moving and it has to go!!!!!!
Treasures from the Sea
Sea brine, seaweed and sea salt all aide in moisture retention, enhancing skin elasticity, provides anti-inflammatory effects, improves, blood and lymph circulation and stimulates cellular metabolism.

The list of minerals and vitamins is long but to name few...
vitamins A,C,D,E,K, folic acid,amino acids,
nitrogen,magnesium and many more.

This is why you will find these ingredients in our products whenever possible.


Remember what these look like? Soon, soon...