Cool breezes and wonderful light....Maine
Great new products just listed on Let's Go Shopping!!!!
I am pleased to announce I will be selling my products as a guest vendor thanks to Anne. Her space is located upstairs on the landing, you will smell the lavender as you enjoy her creativity. I am so excited to be selling through this great establishment located in the Village of Luckett's Virginia in the heart of horse country!
Great New Products being premiered at the farmer's markets....
  • Lavender All-In-One Handsoap,Shower Gel or Bubble Bath
  • Ocean All-In-One
  • Citrus Grass Body Polish
  • River Rock Men's Rough Hands Cream & Exfoliant
 I am now a vendor on the Square in Gettysburg, Pa Farmer's Market held Saturdays 7am-12pm. I am located in front of The Pub next to Swartz Pumpkin Patch Veggie Stand.
I am also at the Heritage Museum (formerly the Wax Museum) on Steinhwer Ave. on Wednesdays 2-6pm.
"Restore Your Health"
Massage availability will be Mondays,Tuesdays,Thursdays & Fridays,by appointment only between 9-5.
Call today to book your massage @ 970-485-5047
Located at 395 Buford Ave., Gettysburg,Pa
On right just before Appalachian Brewery, 1 mile west of town center.
Remember we specialize in Organic Lavender grown locally & French Essential Oils from Provence. For example, new Lavender soap, Lavender vintage quilt heart sachets, Lavender Floral Arrangements and a 2015 Calender featuring my best lavender photographs and inspirational quotes.Supplies are limited.
For more information about our nature-inspired, hand-crafted and safe products, go to the Productsingredients page. We believe that supporting your health should be affordable and something proactive. Developed and created by a massage therapist who understands the damage done by parabens, sulfates and other cheaper ingredients used by most of our beauty industry. We use ingredients you could eat!The best part is they actually help you care for your body in a very healthy manner so you are investing in your wellness.....